Videos of Whistle-Stopping Politicians

 Click on the links below to watch video and newsreel coverage about various whistle-stopping politicians.

Barak Obama

Barack Obama Train Trip to 2009 Inauguration

Bill Clinton 

Bill Clinton’s 1996 Train Tour

Second Day of 1996 Campaign Train Tour

George H.W. Bush

George H.W. Bush Interview with ABC News

Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan’s Train Tour of Ohio in 1984

Campaign Ad

Jimmy Carter 

Jimmy Carter’s 1976 Train Trip

Lyndon Johnson

Lyndon Baines Johnson’s 1960 Train Tour for VP

Lady Bird Johnson 

Lady Bird Johnson Campaign Train Tour in Support of her Husband

Richard Nixon 

Richard Nixon’s 1960 Campaign Train Tour

Dwight Eisenhower 

Dwight Eisenhower, Adlai Stevenson and Harry Truman Campaign by Train in 1952

Harry Truman and Thomas Dewey 

Harry Truman and Thomas Dewy Campaign Trains from1948 Presdiential Race

Franklin Roosevelt 

Franklin Roosevelt’s Train Tour of 1932

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